Escape Rooms Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is your go-to destination for beaches, shopping, and is near BREACH Escape Games. We offer top-notch escape room experiences for all ages and group sizes. Come check out our 3,000 square-foot facilities or book our one-of-a-kind “Escape Bus,” and we’ll come to you! Do you have an extra-large party or corporate event? Ask about renting our entire facility; take over the escape rooms, lobby, and the entire parking lot. The options are limitless when you book with BREACH Escape Games!/p>

BREACH offers three dynamic escape room games: Secrets of Suburbia, Firewall, and USS Destiny (coming 2020).

In Secrets of Suburbia, you and your team will enter 196O’s Middle America where nothing ever happens. Until your neighbor is murdered, and all eyes are on you as the prime suspect. You’ll have one hour to piece together clues and find out who the real murderer is before you’re taken off to jail. Don your lab coat; it’s CSI: Laguna Beach.

If you want a Laguna escape room nearby adventure that comes to you, book The Escape Bus.

We’ll come to your location for birthday parties, corporate events, or any other get-together you plan. We can also accommodate children under 13, making our Escape Bus the perfect choice for children’s parties, youth group activities, and school events.

In the Escape Bus, you’ll play a game called Firewall. It’s the year 2033. You and your group were arrested as part of an elite hacking network. You’re now en-route to jail in an automated, armored transport. Will you and your team be able to “hack” the bus and escape? Or will you do life behind bars?

If you’re planning ahead, USS Destiny is our revolutionary new game coming in 2020. You and your crew will enter a choose-your-own-adventure style room set in the farthest galaxies of space. While peacefully navigating a routine mission in your interplanetary surveying spaceship, disaster strikes! You’ll have to think quick to get out of this one. Will you use force? Negotiation? Or will you hyperdrive your way out of there? What happens to you and your crew is determined by the choices you make! Each time you play, you’ll get a different result, so we’d suggest booking two-game sessions back-to-back.

Are you looking for something extra special? Ask about our custom-designed games! We’ll be happy to create an experience as unique as your group for nearly any space.

If your group is part of a non-profit organization, be sure to ask about our special discounts.

Each nearby Laguna Beach escape room is loaded with clues, props, and out of the box technology that makes your experience an event to remember. Dive into the stories, take on a character, and whether you lead the pack or follow behind, your decisions will make or break your experience. See what all the excitement is about and book with BREACH Escape Games today!

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