Our biggest design philosophy here at Breach Escape Room is to make your escape game experience feel like more than just a game. That’s why, for us, story comes first. We don’t want you to just feel like you’re opening another lock – we want you to feel like that lock represents knowledge you’ve discovered, pushing the story forward into the next phase.

Up until now, most escape games put you on a pre-designed path, moving from puzzle to puzzle, until you reach the end of the story (or not). But…what if you controlled your own story? What if you chose to solve some puzzles, and not others? What if a decision you made actually, literally, changed the entire trajectory of your game?

The next project from the team who brought you The Escape Bus explores this new frontier in escape game storytelling. And where better to explore this frontier than the final frontier itself – space.

Your team is a group of intrepid starfarers on what begins as a routine mission across the galaxy aboard the U.S.S. Destiny. After an unexpected interruption, you find yourselves in moral quandary after moral quandary, where the decisions you make as a group change the course of the story, and therefore, the game. You won’t see every room, every puzzle, or every ending, but you will be creating your own story.

Come aboard the U.S.S. Destiny and create your adventure.

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