U.S.S. Destiny

In the future, Space travel is commonplace. Science is conquered. Alien species have been discovered. And anything can happen.

You are part of the intrepid crew of the U.S.S Destiny: a starship that is the envy of the universe. When your mission is unexpectedly disrupted, it’s up to you to decide what to do. Will you get wrapped up in politics? Will you dance on the brink of nuclear destruction? Will you even survive?

In one of the first true “choose-your-own-adventure” escape games, the choice is 100% yours. Your decisions affect what comes next, and with eight different pathways and endings, you never quite know where you’ll end up.

We created this escape room to be re-playable, introducing you to new story lines, new areas of the ship, and different crew roles each time you play. We would encourage you to book two games of U.S.S. Destiny back-to-back, so your group can immediately explore a different experience.

  • 4-10 Players
  • 75 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level 7

Secrets in Suburbia

1962 in Anytown, USA is nothing short of paradise. World War 2 is long over, Ed Sullivan is on TV, and the suburbs are booming.

You live in one such suburb, and paradise is shattered when one of your neighbors is found dead in his home.

Unfortunately, you are the prime suspect.

You have one hour to investigate the scene of the crime, figure out identity the true murderer, and clear your name.

  • 4-10 Players
  • 60 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level 5


The year is 2033.

You are part of an elite hacker consortium. And you’ve been caught.

Now, you’re on your way to prison, locked away in a maximum-security transport that formerly housed working police escorts. Today, the transports are all automated, and there has never been a breach.

You’ll have to work together, use your surroundings, and outsmart the bus if you ever want to see the light of day again.

Will you breach the Firewall and escape before your time runs out? Or will you spend the rest of your days in a tiny cell?

  • 2-6 Players
  • 40 Minutes
  • Difficulty Level 3
Available only for private parties and events
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