No! In case of an emergency, you can exit the game. However, this will end the experience.
We try to make each game a private booking, however, if you book a small group (such as 2-3 players) we may combine you with another small group if there is one.
The games have no horror elements and are not scary, however, they can certainly be mysterious and intriguing...
Breach is located at 22661 Lambert St #203, Lake Forest, CA 92630, but the Escape Bus is a mobile game that can go pretty much anywhere!
Each game has its own level of difficulty. Check "Escape Rooms" for more info.
We don't publish escape rates, as our philosophy is to guide you through an immersive, enjoyable experience, rather than focus on a leaderboard.
Our games are all family appropriate. Our recommended youngest age is 9 years-old.
A smart group and a sharp brain!
We recommend leaving your phones outside the games as they can be distracting, but you are welcome to put it on silent and keep it in your pocket. Escape rooms are for unplugging 🙂
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