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Wow the Workplace: Corporate Events Orange County
I want to wow your workplace and bring your employees together for an event they’ll remember, book with BREACH Escape Games! We offer the latest in teambuilding and retreat-style events with our dynamic escape game opportunities.

Bring your Lake Forest business team to our 3,000 square-foot facilities where you have the option to rent it out all day. Take over our escape rooms, lounge area, and parking lot for your event. Bring in your own food or a call in a food truck and stay all day. We also offer optional debriefing packages after your escape room experience. With BREACH Escape Games, you can run your corporate event from our facility all day long.

When you book with us, you’ll have access to three dynamic escape games: Secrets in Suburbia, Firewall, and, coming in 2020, USS Destiny.

Secrets in Suburbia places your team in the middle of 1960s America. Not much happens in your town until your neighbor turns up murdered. What’s even more shocking? You are the number one suspect! You and your neighbors have one hour to discover the real murderer before you’re arrested.

If you’re planning ahead for your Corporate Event in Orange County, you’ll want to book our newest adventure.

Coming in 2020, USS Destiny is a choose-your-own-adventure style escape room. The choices you and your crew make during your voyage will make the difference between life and death. Each team that plays will get a different result based on their choices. No two games will be the same!

For a corporate event in Lake Forest that will come to you, we have our converted 30ft Bluebird Escape Bus! It might look like a bus on the outside, but the moment you step into our mobile escape room, you’ll leave Lake Forest behind.

Our Escape Bus contains a game called Firewall. It’s the year 2033, and you and your team have been arrested for involvement in a high-level hacking ring. You breached top security protocols one too many times and now you’re going to jail in an automated, armored transport. Security is the highest you’ve seen, and it’s your job to “hack” the bus’s computer to break out. Will you escape? Or go to jail for life?

Whether you’re planning a team-building activity, a company party, or corporate retreat, BREACH Escape Games is the perfect solution. Custom-designed games are also available. We’re happy to create a matchless experience for your team in nearly any space available. If your group works for a non-profit, we offer a special discount. Book with BREACH Escape Games for the best in Corporate Events for Lake Forest and Orange County.

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