Corporate Events Laguna Beach

An Event Your Employees Will Remember: Corporate Events Laguna Beach

If you want to host a unique and exciting corporate event for your Laguna Beach company, look no further than BREACH Escape Games! Whether you’re looking for the latest in team building experiences or simply a retreat from the office, BREACH offers revolutionary escape room experiences for your corporate gathering.

Bring your entire team to our 3,000 square-foot space and take over our escape rooms, lounge area, and parking lot for an adventure-packed day. Nothing is off-limits when you book our facility for your Laguna Beach company event. Bring in your own food and drinks, schedule a debrief after your escape room experience, and run your entire day from our facility. When you book at BREACH, you’ll have access to three renowned escape games: Secrets in Suburbia, Firewall. and USS Destiny (coming soon).

Secrets in Suburbia places teams smack-dab in the middle of 1962 Anytown, USA.. All is well in middle-class paradise until your next-door neighbor ends up murdered. To make things worse, you are the prime suspect! You have one hour to find out how your neighbor died (and who the real murderer is) before the police break down your door.

To be launched among the stars for your Laguna Beach company event, try our newest choose-your-own-adventure-style game, USS Destiny (coming in 2020). You and your group will board a functioning spaceship with team challenges and out-of-the-box technology.  Each time you play, you’ll have a unique experience with a different result. Whether you live, die, or escape is up to you and your fellow crewmates.

If you’re looking for corporate events in Laguna Beach that will come directly to your location, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll bring The Escape Bus, a converted 30ft Bluebird schoolbus with an escape game inside, for an adventure at your front door or anywhere else!

The game is Firewall, which transports your group to the year 2033. As part of an elite hacker group, you’ve breached the nation’s top security protocols one too many times and been captured. Now en-route to jail in an automated, armored transport with high-security, you have to “hack” the bus’s computer and break out. Will you make it?…Or spend the rest of your days behind bars?

BREACH is the perfect solution for your next gathering. If your group works for a non-profit organization, we offer a special discount. Custom-designed games are also available, as we are happy to create a unique experience just for you in just about any space. Book with us today and look forward to your most unique, adventurous corporate event yet! BREACH Escape Games: the best in Corporate Events for Laguna Beach.

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