Corporate Events 

What’s included:

You will get full and private use of our 3,000 square-foot facility for the time of your event, including our lobby/lounge, ample parking, and space for additional vendors. We will divide your party into even groups that will play one or both of our escape rooms, competing against each other for the best time. Depending on your group size, while some teams are escaping, the others can hang out in our lounge.

A teambuilding focused debriefing can also be provided.

You are welcome to bring your own food, cake, or drinks with you for no additional cost, or you may utilize our assistance in booking a food truck, taco vendor, etc. A cleaning fee may be applied.

Please note that we only provide escape experiences and use of our facilities. We do have small puzzles and games for groups who are waiting, but they aren’t meant to be full experiences. It is up to the group to decide how to spend their time when they are not playing.

For an on-location game at your home, office, or event, please visit The Escape Bus.

For a custom designed game, please click here.


To receive a quote, please send an email to
with the proposed date, timing, number of players, and any other
pertinent information.

Or Call 949-716-6233 for more information.

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